17 January 2013

Current trends and regulatory changes for the mining industry in QLD – a quick review

If announcements are anything to go by, the immediate future for the mining industry at a regulatory level is looking brighter. The Queensland Government has announced their intention to attempt to decrease the inefficiencies that currently exist at a compliance level in the resources sector.

Accordingly, the Queensland Government has recently enacted legislation to streamline and harmonise procedures for dealing with different types of resource interests, including exploration permits and mining leases.

The legislation reduces the initial terms of mining claims from 10 years to 5 years, and creates a new class of ‘non-assessable transfers’ (change of name, transfers of mortgages and subleases), that are not required to be assessed before being registered. The legislation also creates a new online platform, which aims to deliver information contained in mining and petroleum registers more efficiently.  

The Queensland Government has also announced its intention to minimise the red tape that exists in current legislation. The Office of Best Practice Regulation released a report in October 2012 recommending an immediate review of occupational health and safety legislation and workers’ compensation legislation that “impose red tape, increase the cost of business and reduce competition” with a view to reducing the burden of regulation by 20% over six years. 

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